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Exterior Douglas Fir Doors

Douglas fir is a great kind of wood to consider when choosing a door, either interior or exterior. Its perfectly smooth texture is ideal, and can have a kind of swirl pattern in it that adds unique design allure. Some types of Douglas fir can be a rosy pink shade, while others can be a little darker. Douglas fir tends to have a wonderful grain pattern, making it the perfect fit for both interior and exterior doors. While Douglas fir tends to redden a little when exposed to light for long periods of time, it can easily be stained back to its original color. Douglas fir is a very popular choice of wood for all kinds of door, especially exterior doors. It naturally resists most kinds of weathering without the application of a lot of paint or product. It tends to hold out for long periods of time, making it a great choice for any door.
Naturally resisting weathering, Douglas Fir doors are an excellent choice for exterior doors. Douglas Fir's fine grained wood with excellent stability and rot resistance make it a popular choice for front doors.

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