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French Doors Interior

french doors interior

French Doors Interior and Exterior

Door + charm = French Doors, right? We all love french doors for the texture and light they bring to an entry. Between rooms, French doors give enough privacy and division of space without the big solid closed-door feels. When you install french doors, interiors just feel complete. If you are trying to decide how to handle room divisions, we highly recommend french doors.

Interior Spaces Don't Need to be Dark

Interior spaces, especially in a house with a large footprint, often get a little dark. By dividing rooms with glass doors instead of solid doors, they get a little outdoor light, plus the feel of being on an exterior wall because of the framed glass windows. With french doors interior, you can close off a room without feeling "closed-off."

What is a French Door?

Interior French doors are double doors with small glass panes top to bottom. Since they don't have a center doorjam, they are not ideal for situations where security is an issue, but that same characteristic makes french doors interior-ideal. Use them between office space, libraries, between dining and sitting rooms. At ETO doors, we have many interior french doors in stock, or can custom design doors to fit your dimensions. If your home design is not suited to the country/victorian charm of french doors, we can help find an interior door set for you that matches the style of your home as well as your personal taste.

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