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Casing and Brick Mould

Door casings and mouldings not only enhance the look of a door while providing a smooth transition between the wall and the jamb, they can also offer a dramatic impact to any living space. ETO’s decorative door entablatures are available in a selection of popular styles. Brick mouldings are used to close uneven gaps between brick walls and the frame of your door. ETO mouldings and casings have a long service life and are known for their strength and durability. Add eye-catching detail to any door door frame while providing a subtle dose of ambiance to your living space.

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  • MC-3"


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    Price For Door Only: $20.00

  • KAC-3"


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    Price For Door Only: $15.00

  • MC-2-1/4"


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    Price For Door Only: $17.00

  • BM-2-1/4"


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    Price For Door Only: $20.00

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