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Mahogany RM1 Rustic Knotty Door

Wine Cellar Doors » Mahogany RM1 Rustic Knotty Door

Mahogany RM1 Rustic Knotty Door

Mahogany RM1 Rustic Knotty Door
30" X 80" X 1-3/4" = $749
32" X 80" X 1-3/4" = $749
36" X 80" X 1-3/4" = $749
42" X 80" X 1-3/4" = $849

30" X 96" X 1-3/4" = $849
32" X 96" X 1-3/4" = $849
36" X 96" X 1-3/4" = $849
42" X 96" X 1-3/4" = $999

42" X 108" X 2-1/4" = $1199

36" X 120" X 2-1/4" = $1499
42" X 120" X 2-1/4" = $1799

 Possible Configurations:
   Single                    Double              w/ Left Side Lite   w/ Right Side Lite    
  w/ 2 Side Lites          Double w/ 2 Side Lites


** Can be pre-hung as double doors.
** Can be pre-hung with Side-lites, Please see side-lites page.
  • Pre-Hanging Available: single door, double door and sidelite options
  • Wood Species: Brazilian Mahogany
  • Construction: solid wood
  • Fire Rated: 20, 45 and 60 minute options available. Please contact us for a quote
  • Impact Rated: Capable of being impact rated
  • Custom Capabilities: custom sizes, shapes and designs available
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Project Application: Used for new construction and replacement
  •              NFRC Rated U-Factor: 0.39
  •              NFRC Rated SHGC:      0.02
  • STC Rating- Sound Transmission Class (ASTM E 413): 28
  • OITC Rating- Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class (ASTM E 1332): 26


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Customer Testimonial: “Amazing quality! Shipped quickly! Fantastic product! Thank you!.” Juan M. (Orlando, FL)

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Customer Testimonial: “The door arrived and it is installed. I just wanted to say it is absolutely gorgeous!" Ray A.(Huston, TX)

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Customer Testimonial: “Doors are beautiful! Great customer service! Have recommended to friends!” Jerry L. (Los Angeles, CA)

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Customer Testimonial:" Joseph, thank you for all your help. And most importantly selling me a quality product." Tom S.(Robb,NJ)

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Exterior Single: Add $299 for Exterior pre-hung Single Door unit with matching mahogany jambs.
Exterior Double: Add $499 for Exterior pre-hung Double Door unit with matching mahogany jambs.

*Doors are unfinished (picture shows finished door)
These doors are solid (no veneer, no engineer) KNOTTY Brazilian Mahogany Exterior. These doors are the highest of quality. The panels, stiles and rails are 100% solid Brazilian mahogany wood. Our Knotty Brazilian Mahogany is very carefully selected and has natural imperfections, which help create its beauty. Imperfections such as wormholes and wood streaks are present in all doors. These imperfections are desirable characteristic of knotty Brazilian Mahogany and are not defects in workmanship. Knotty Brazilian Mahogany is not as abundant and therefore more highly priced. These doors are much higher quality than others produced by Alder or Asian woods. The speakeasy is operable with a latch in the back.






Additional accessories which are also available:

Corner angle ($15) End strap #1 ($25) End strap #2 ($25)











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