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Mahogany 2-Side Mirror Glass Door

Interior Solid Mahogany Doors » Mahogany 2-Side Mirror Glass Door

Mahogany 2-Side Mirror Glass Door


Solid Mahogany 2-Side Mirror Glass Door

24" X 80"X 1-3/4"=$349
28" X 80"X 1-3/4"=$349
30" X 80"X 1-3/4"=$349
32" X 80"X 1-3/4"=$349
36" X 80"X 1-3/4"=$349
42" X 80"X 1-3/4"=$579
24" X 84"X 1-3/4"=$449
28" X 84"X 1-3/4"=$449
30" X 84"X 1-3/4"=$449
32" X 84"X 1-3/4"=$449
36" X 84"X 1-3/4"=$449
42" X 84"X 1-3/4"=$579
24" X 96"X 1-3/4"=$449
28" X 96"X 1-3/4"=$449
30" X 96"X 1-3/4"=$449
32" X 96"X 1-3/4"=$449
36" X 96"X 1-3/4"=$449
42" X 96"X 1-3/4"=$579
 Possible Configurations:
  Single                Double
  • Pre-Hanging Available: single door, double door and sidelite options
  • Wood Species: Mahogany (Grade A)
  • Construction: solid wood
  • Custom Capabilities: custom sizes, shapes and designs available
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Project Application: Used for new construction and replacement
  •       NFRC Rated U-Factor: 0.34
  •       NFRC Rated SHGC:      0.15
  • STC Rating- Sound Transmission Class (ASTM E 413): 28
  • OITC Rating- Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class (ASTM E 1332): 26


*Doors are unfinished (picture shows finished door)
Widths Available
2/0, 2/4, 2/6, 2/8, 3/0, 3/6 (24", 28", 30", 32", 36", 42")

Pre-Hanging Options:
Interior Single:   Add $139 for pre-hung unit in finger-joint pine paint grade jambs.
Interior Double:  Add $199 for pre-hung unit  in finger-joint pine paint grade jambs.
Exterior Single:  Add $299 for Exterior pre-hung Single Door unit with matching mahogany jambs.
Exterior Double: Add $499 for Exterior pre-hung Double Door unit with matching mahogany jambs.
The engineered construction of our mahogany interior door utilizes fused, solid wood pieces that are laminated with a solid 3mm thick clear face for superior appearance and strength. This engineered door offers greater protection against warping, cracking and splitting. Solid core construction provides for a much quieter environment. Our unique integral panel design will not shrink or split and there is no possibility of stile and rail separation. Our mahogany interior doors are shipped sanded and ready to begin the painting/finishing process.
Don't be misled by our competitive pricing (we are able to keep our pricing down by selling a large quantity of door everyday! These are high end doors!





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