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ETO Doors Corp is Affiliated with Many Organizations

ETO Doors Corp. is proud to support and be members of the following organizations:


The California Building Industry Association, "CBIA" was established in 1943. Since then the CBIA has grown to include legislative, technical, communications, membership and educational departments. A political action committee and two subsidiary organizations have also been established.

CBIA promotes and encourages the continuing education of individuals and organizations interested in the building industry. The foundation sponsors educational seminars and furnishes scholarships, grants and fellowships to college students majoring in building industry-related programs. CHF also funds research to benefit the building industry. CBIA also annually sponsors PCBC, the largest regional building conference and trade show in the nation.

CBIA continues to represent the interests of builders and developers of housing and commercial projects. The Association has been instrumental in furthering state polices that:

  • Simplify or eliminate restrictive, costly building regulations and introduce more flexibility into land use decisions.
  • Balance the concern for the environment and energy conservation with the need for affordable housing.
  • Ensure that reasonable growth and development is both planned for and encouraged.
  • Improve the state's business climate.

In recent years, CBIA has attempted to steer state government away from more regulation of the building industry and toward supporting programs that advance housing as a social and economic necessity.


The Federation of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) exists to represent the home building industry by serving its members and affiliated state and local builders associations. Since 1942, NAHB members are involved in all aspects of a diversified building industry, create jobs for millions of people and contribute significantly to the economic activity of their community, the nation and the world. NAHB is a trade association that helps promote the policies that make housing a national priority. Working in partnership, the Federation provides superior service to its more than 140,000 members and their employees and strives to improve housing affordability, availability and choice. To achieve this mission, NAHB concentrates on the following five goals:

  • Balance legislative, regulatory and judicial public policy.
  • Public appreciation for the importance of housing, housing affordability and those who provide housing.
  • Recognized premier resource for industry and consumer information, education, research, technical expertise and networking.
  • Improved business performance of its members.
  • Effective management of staff, financial and physical resources to satisfy the Association's needs

NAHB's vision is to recognize housing and housing providers as the strength of America and create an environment where every American has the opportunity for a safe, decent and affordable home in a suitable living environment provided by an entrepreneurial and competitive industry.


The Door and Hardware Institute (DHI) is the only professional association dedicated to the Architectural Openings Industry. With the purpose of advancing life safety and security within the built environment, DHI represents the North American openings marketplace as the advocate and primary resource for information, professional development and certification. With the focus on our members, DHI strives to be the indispensable resource for industry trends, best business practices and advanced education. DHI remains a powerful advocate for creating a favorable code environment in the life safety and security industry.


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