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Boeing x Eto Doors


ETO Doors at Boeing



Boeing is the world leader in aerospace, and the leading manufacturer of commercial and military airplanes in the United States. Boeing designs all aspects of aerospace flight, including rotorcraft and missile defense systems. Boeing has locations in more than 150 countries, and it is one of the United States’ largest exporters.


Boeing’s modern take on technology was the perfect spring board into interior design with a futuristic flair. ETO Doors installed modern doors all throughout the offices, including custom designs and hand crafted worksmanship. Each door has a thickness that lends itself to solid construction, and excellent insulation. All doors came complete with inlaid strips for a smoother, more innovative style. Opaque glass was fitted into the doors for a cutting edge look.





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         Boeing’s order also came with our special finishing process,

         ensuring every new door at Boeing will last well into the future of the

         company and of space travel.



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