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*El Rustica - Rustic Wood Garage Door with Elliptical Arch V-Grooved Panel Including Decorative Hardware

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*El Rustica - Rustic Wood Garage Door with Elliptical Arch V-Grooved Panel Including Decorative Hardware

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- Custom sizes available
- Lead Time: 4-5 Weeks



Wood Construction

Solid Cedar Wood Base & Overlay Marine Mahogany Engineered Wood Base & Solid Wood Mahogany Overlay
8' X 7'
$2140 $2140
 9' X 7'
$2310 $2310
 12' X 7'
$3715 $3715
16' X 7'
$3900 $3900
18' X 7'
$4430 $4430
8' X 8'
$2215 $2215
 9' X 8'
$2400 $2400
 12' X 8'
$3860 $3860
16' X 8'
$4050 $4050
18' X 8'
$4600 $4600


 Our unique designs, quality and industry leading prices set ETO Garage Doors apart from our competitors. The Spanish Wood Garage Doors Collection incorporates handcrafted wood enhancing its classic appearance. This collection combines the modern look of sectional doors with a classical appearance of swinging carriage house style wood doors. ETO's wood garage doors offer prominent features including, vertical grain lumber, all sections are reinforced with a heavy duty struts Support in the back of each of section giving the section extra strength and durability to last for many years.


A variety of wood species are available including, cedar, alder, mahogany, pine, fir and oak is available as well. All of our doors can be further enhanced with a selection of rustic wrought iron hardware, window inserts and custom design work. Our door engineers and designers are also capable of building custom designs to exceed your expectations.

Join ETO and let us create your dream garage door.


        1. Handcrafted construction 4-5 Layers (2-1/8" Thick)
        2. Optional decorative hardware
        3. Wood Species: Paint Grade, Cedar or Mahogany
        4. Wood Type: Paint or Stain-grade
        5. Glass Type: Single Pane Clear (1/8" Thick)
        6. Custom Capabilities: Size, Glass
        7. Warranty: All ETO Custom Wood Garage Door Series including their hardware are warranted for 1-year.
        8. Energy-efficient insulation which is applied using Polystyrene Insulation in the back of the wood panel
        9. Packaging: Loose

Track and Hardware Details:
    1. Spring Type: Torsion, Oil Spring
    2. Track Size: 2" Flag & Jamb Bracket Jambs
    3. Track Mount: Bracket
    4. Track Lift: Standard (High Lift or Low-Lift available)
    5. Track Radius: 12" or 15"
    6. Packaging: Loose
    7. Rollers: Heavy-duty steel ball bearing rollers with nylon tires provide quiet operation
    8. No lock hole




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