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Decorative Arrow and Accents

At ETO Doors, we understand your entryways wouldn't have the same level of appeal without the right finishing touches, door accessories, and door accents. In some instances, this might mean a transom above your front exterior door, or side lites on either side of the new entryway you've just installed that leads into your foyer. Other times, however, it means the very little things, such as decorative door accents and accessories.

For this reason, ETO Doors brings our clientele options in wrought iron door handles, decorative arrow styled hinge embellishments, and other iron hardware for your exterior or interior entryways to add that additional touch of flair that really creates that finishing touch your doors need to truly look complete.

Bollards are those things you see in front of big box retailers and other commercial spaces. You may have wondered what purpose they serve. Bollards are meant to keep people from driving into a storefront, keep drivers from getting too close to those on the sidewalk area in front of retail locations, and much more.

By providing a defined area that’s visible to motorists, bollards help keep flow of traffic organized, and keep on-foot consumers safe. While safety is the main concern, when styled correctly, such as the bollards available from ETO Doors, they can even add an extraordinary aesthetic to the entire architectural configuration. Our entirely stainless steel bollards are available in a rectangular style for modern and ultra-modern styled architecture, and in a round shape for buildings and storefronts that are styled based on eras past, or for a more "throwback" appeal that adds to specific structures. Whether a series of round bollards suits the appearance of your space, or you feel the look of square bollards would be a better fit, fear not: ETO Doors carries them both — in timeless and enduring stainless steel.
ETO Doors have the little details that make a big difference. Our spear design hardware is perfect for your country styled garage doors. Don’t forget the perfect bollards to help make your commercial threshold suit its purpose.

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