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ETO Doors at Gateway



Based in Irvine, Gateway Computers is a hardware manufacturer marketing a wide array of computer products. The company is known for its cow colored boxes, a signature of the brand since its inception in 1991. Gateway is not singlehandedly responsible for the success of the Windows operating system, but their affordable hardware made it easier for a wider array of consumers to get their hands on this technology.


That cutting edge level of excellence is exactly what ETO Doors wanted to highlight with our custom installations. We brought modern doors to the offices of Gateway, using opaque panes of glass to compliment the “techy” look already in place. The end result is a bleeding edge company with artisanal doors that are sure to impress clients and business partners.





                Gateway door or similar

         Each door was painstakingly sanded to a smooth finish, and painted and finished

         by hand for a look you can’t find at a hardware store.





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