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ETO Doors at Hilton



The Hilton name has been known worldwide for more than 90 years. Its name stands for style, integrity, plush luxury accommodations, high class amenities and world class service. Hilton hotels are available in 78 countries around the world, with more than 540 resort locations to choose from. Hilton staff is trained to provide personalized service, with functional amenities meant to make your stay away from home easier and more relaxing.


The Hilton brand stands for quality, so it was important to offer rich looking doors with a handmade aesthetic. ETO Doors installed modern two panel doors in each room, so guests could benefit from a quieter and warmer room. Each door was also hand-finished to prevent splintering or cracking of the wood and paint. Each door was shipped directly to the location, and ETO Doors technicians fit each door to its respective jamb to create the perfect fit.





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