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The curb appeal of your home is extremely important as you prepare the property for sale. To attract potential buyers, clean and deck out your home to make a great first impression starting from the exterior. Whether it's beautifying your front yard with flower pots or making a statement with a new front door, there are many little changes you can make to improve your property's value in buyers' eyes.


Once you've completed a mini makeover for your home's exterior, do a thorough cleaning inside the house. A fresh coat of paint for the kitchen cabinets and bathroom walls will give your house the look of a new property, and updating the lighting fixtures will brighten the space for visitors. Finally, consider replacing one or two pieces of older appliance items so that they don't detract from the overall charm of your home.


Preparing your house for sale doesn't have to be an expensive and stressful project, this infographic will show you 17 simple ways to beautify your home on a budget.

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