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Interior Solid Mahogany Doors

Mahogany doors are among the most popular solid interior wood doors available. With dreamy grains, affordable prices, and long-lasting durability, solid mahogany interior doors are a perfect combination of design and practicality. Many people choose solid mahogany interior doors because they combine beauty and affordability. These doors are available in a variety of colors and grain patterns and tend to stain easily, making them a simple addition to any home or business. They are also very affordable durable, making them effective and practical as a long-lasting interior door.

Why Choose ETO Interior Solid Mahogany Doors? Unlike many mahogany door manufacturers, ETO Doors uses solid wood doors with a 1-3/4” width. Most competitors will use 1-3/8”. This difference means a longer-lasting construction, a quieter environment, and a more durable door. Our unique ETO Doors engineering also prevent shrinking and splitting so you can be sure your doors will withstand the test of time.

How can we help? Click “Fast Quote” for any door below to receive a quote on interior mahogany doors for your home or project, or click the chat icon to speak with a door expert.

About Interior Mahogany Doors

Interior mahogany doors are the right choice for those looking for a combination of style and practicality. These beautiful doors come from mahogany grown in humid environments, making the wood stronger and more resistant to warping and rot.

Our clients find that solid mahogany doors are a great choice for the home, office, or for hospitality properties.

Solid Mahogany Interior Doors - for the Home

The interior of your home is a reflection of your lifestyle and personal tastes. A solid mahogany interior door contributes to the interior design and architecture of the home by bringing a luxurious or modern design without a high-end price tag. Mahogany doors are also extremely durable so you can feel confident knowing they’ll withstand the test of time.

Solid Mahogany Interior Doors - for the Office

Solid mahogany doors are a wooden door of choice for offices and business centers. With a heavy and durable construction and multiple designs to choose from, mahogany interior doors can enhance the look and feel of your office. Mahogany doors are also strong and durable, preventing them from wear and tear in an office environment.

Solid Mahogany Interior Doors - for Hospitality

While nothing denotes design and luxury like mahogany, this wood is also extremely affordable and practical. Solid wood mahogany doors are not only beautiful, but they also have long-lasting durability that makes them a great choice for the wear and tear that often comes in the hospitality industry.

With dozens of designs to choose from, including traditional two- or three-panel doors, modern flush doors, or interior mahogany doors with beautiful lites, ETO Doors is confident that we can help you find the perfect mahogany door for your property.

What to Look for in a Mahogany Doors

Many manufacturers tout mahogany from any number of regions, but what does “mahogany” really mean and what regions of wood should you look for?

Mahogany refers to the species of wood being used to produce the door. True mahogany is hard, durable, and resistant to rot which makes it particularly popular in humid climates. Some manufacturers use the term “mahogany wood” to refer to the color of the wood instead of the actual wood species. Before you purchase a mahogany door, make sure you are certain the door is made from genuine mahogany.

Mahogany comes from several countries and regions. Look for mahoganies labeled as: • African Mahogany (also known as Khaya Ivorensis) • Okume Mahogany (also known as Brazilian Mahogany, American Mahogany, or Swietenia Macrophylla) • Latin American mahoganies

Interior Mahogany Door Colors

While mahogany is well known for having a dark, reddish wood color and defined grains, there are actually several different styles of mahogany woods for interior doors. Varying from pale and light colorings to darker reds with dark streaks, mahogany is not only highly varied in its design and color, but it also stains well. This means it is simple to perfectly match the design you desire.

Explore our different interior mahogany door styles below or speak with an ETO Doors expert to find the door that is for you.

Why ETO Doors?

ETO Doors has been offering interior and exterior doors over a decade. With over one million doors sold and over 100,000 happy clients, ETO Doors has become a household name in affordable, high-quality doors. ETO Doors manufactures our doors in-house in our facility in Los Angeles, California. While all our doors are available online, our products can also be found in several big-box stores around the country and in retailers across the globe.

If you ever find yourself unable to find the perfect door for your needs, let us know! Besides having hundreds of styles of door designs available, we can also custom-make doors to your specifications.

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