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Solid Core Interior Doors

The most popular interior doors in our online catalog as well as on our showroom floors in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York are a very disparate collection. From ultra modern Roman interior white with obscure laminate glass and the Movida model crafted from horizontal mahogany panels to the rustic looks of the knotty Adler two-panel arched door and the three-panel mahogany square-top door, there’s something for everyone among these on-trend entryways.

Our online catalog of solid white primed interior doors offers a wide variety of designs to choose from. There are traditional designs with anywhere from two to six panels, perfect for craftsman and shotgun-style homes. Other solid core interior doors within this selection are ultra-modern, offering steel embellishments, handles, and even a single-paned glass laminate that adds contemporary flair to your residential or office environment. Because these white primed doors are constructed with a solid core, you’ll never have to worry about splitting, shrinking, or warping associated with other kinds of doors when subjected to extreme heat, cold, or humidity. Priced as low as $109, you’re sure to find a primed door with a solid core that’s both economical and aesthetically appealing for your interior residential or work space. When you want longevity, an appealing design, affordability, and the option to choose the color of each door yourself, there’s no better option than a pre-primed door with a solid core. For those who live in hot, humid, or rainy climates, the doors available in this selection all make an excellent choice. Choose from Shaker, Roman, and louver styles, as well as multiple options for lite panels, ranging from one to as many as four rectangular lites in our Acid Etched Glass white primed door.

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