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ETO Doors at Marriott



Marriott Hotels, owners of the Ritz-Carlton Brand, began life as a nine-stool root beer stand in Washington DC. The husband and wife team of John Willard and Alice Sheets Marriott gave residents a place to stop and grab a cool drink. The popularity of the stand gave rise to a small chain of restaurants and then hotels.


1957 was the date that their first hotel location opened in Arlington, Virginia, and the chain has grown internationally since then. Marriott is committed to excellence in service, and rewards its employees for volunteer work within their communities. The company is recognized for its vintage elegance, something that ETO Doors attempted to match with two-panel moulded doors for each room. These white-finished wood doors provide ample sound proofing and insulation, helping to keep costs down for Marriott owners.





                Marriott door or similar

         All doors were custom built with the ETO Doors signature panel style,

         ensuring there will be no cracks or warping in the wood well into the future.




         Two-panel moulded doors at ETO Doors.



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