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Heavy Duty Commercial Rolling Door Systems (Galvanized Steel Curved 3" Slats)

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Heavy Duty Commercial Rolling Door Systems

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  • Heavy Duty Commercial Rolling Door Systems




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  • Custom sizes available
  • Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks
  • Slat Design: Curved 3"
  • Slat Type: Galvanized Steel (24 Gauge)
  • $359 Flat Rate Shipping to any residential or commercial address within the Continental 48 States, $95 for each additional door
    * Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii, please contact us for a quote



Options Available:
  • Color: Galvanized Steel
  • Lock Position: Internal or External
  • Frame Material: Wood, Steel, Masonry
  • Hood (Recommended for Exterior Roll Up use): Available for an additional $249

Rolling Doors To Meet Your Most Demanding And Rigorous Applications

Our Model 2600 Heavy Duty 3" Slats Curve Roll Up Doors door is designed to meet the tough requirements of virtually any commercial or industrial application. The 2600 Series offers flexibility in substrate materials with choices of galvanized or prime steel, stainless steel, or aluminum.

Popular in both interior and exterior applications, the ETO Garage Doors 2600 Series rolling service door features a galvanized.


Materials & Construction

ETO Garage Doors 2600 Series rolling doors are composed of curved slats that provide a natural water-shed, helping to reduce corrosion. The slats are designed with free-acting interlocking joints that permit easy articulation when the door coils.

The 2600 Series features a strong double-angle bottom bar that reinforces the lower edge of the curtain against wind pressure and permits varied lock, astragal, and safety edge options. This bottom bar is designed for easy installation and does not require fasteners protruding into the guide openings, so the bottom bar does not interfere with door operation.

Counterbalance assembly consists of a spring barrel which serves as a load-carrying beam. It encases the counterbalance mechanism and provides the axis around which the curtain coils. (Deflection is limited to 0.033" per lineal foot of span.) If required, barrel rings of malleable iron or stamped steel may be provided to assure proper counterbalance. Oil-tempered, torsion-type counterbalance springs are wound from heat-treated steel, providing accuracy in balancing the door. Barrel plugs connect ends of springs to barrel and tension rod. Tension rod of steel shafting holds fixed ends of springs and carries torsion load of spring counterbalance. 

Spring tension adjusting wheel is normally mounted outside the bracket on end of tension rod. Inside adjusting wheel for tight side-room applications is available in limited sizes. 

The hood covers the curtain coil and counterbalance mechanism. Slat hoods are available on blue, brown, beige, and white doors. 

Slat Profiles


Curved-faced single slat                           Actual Picture of the Galvanized Steel Slat

24-gauge stainless steel

Available Options

  • Vision Slats/Panels
  • Secur-Vent (Flat Slat Only)
  • Safety Edges
  • Exhaust Ports
  • Sloping Bottom Bars
  • Powder Coated
  • Motor Operators
  • Cable Reels
  • Mullions
  • Stainless Steel

Rolling Counter Shutters Specifications

  • Curtains: Curtain will be composed of interlocking [24 gauge galvanized steel] [16,14 B&S aluminum] [22 stainless steel] slats, roll-formed per ASTM standards and designed to withstand a 20 PSF windload. Ends of alternate/continuous slats will be fitted with metal endlocks/windlocks. Bottom Bar will consist of two equal steel [stainless steel] [aluminum] angles, .121" minimum thickness, to stiffen curtain, with astragal. When required for additional security, provide [slide bolts] [cylinder locks] on the bottom bar operable from [coil side] [both sides].
  • Guides: Guides will be roll-formed steel channel bolted to angle or structural grade, three angle assembly of steel [stainless steel] [aluminum] to form a slot of sufficient depth to retain curtains in guides to achieve 20 PSF windload standard. Guides may be provided with integral windlock bars and removable bottom bar stops.
  • Brackets: Brackets will be of 3/16 [1/4"] minimum thick steel plates, with permanently sealed ball bearings. Designed to enclose ends of coil and provide support for counterbalance pipe at each end.
  • Counterbalance: Curtain to be coiled on a pipe of sufficient size to carry door load with deflection not to exceed .033" per foot of door span and to be correctly balanced by helical springs, oil tempered torsion type. Cast iron barrel plugs will be used to anchor springs to tension shaft and pipe.
  • Hood: Hoods will be minimum 24-gauge (aluminum, 24 gauge B&S) (galvanized) (stainless steel) sheet metal, flanged at top for attachment to header and flanged at bottom to provided longitudinal stiffness. Hood will enclose curtain coil and counterbalance mechanism.
  • Operation: Door will be operated by means of [manual, lift-up] [chain hoist with gear drive reduction] [awning crank] [wall crank box] [motor operation]. Optional [electrical] [pneumatic] sensing edge to be attached to bottom bar to [stop and reverse] the door when it contacts an object during the closing cycle.
  • Weather-stripping: Air-Bar Extr-Tite doors will include flat slats, bottom astragal, surface guide weatherstrip, and internal hood baffle weatherstrip.
  • Locking: [Manual lift-up doors will have interior slide-bolts suitable for padlocks by others.] [Chain-hoist door will have chain keepers suitable for padlocks by others.] [Electric-motor operation doors will lock through the operator gearing.] [Cylinder locks can be provided with the doors.] 
    Note: When specifying locks on electric-motor operated doors, electric interlocks should also be specified to prevent operation when lock bolts are engaged in the guides, thus preventing damage to the curtain and/or operator.

Heavy Duty Commercial Rolling Door Systems Customer Photo of Heavy Duty Commercial Rolling Door Systems (Galvanized Steel Curved 3" Slats)

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Heavy Duty Commercial Rolling Door Systems Customer Photo of Heavy Duty Commercial Rolling Door Systems (Detail Picture)

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