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SSWD01- Stainless Steel Sliding Barn Hardware

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SSWD01- Stainless Steel Sliding Barn Hardware

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Regular Price:  $583.00

Our Price: $389.00


Regular Price:  $583.00

Our Price: $389.00

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Set Includes the Following Components:

1. Roller Assembly (Quantity: 2)
2. Stainless Steel Tube: 1" in Diameter (Quantity: 1)*
3. Floor Guide (Quantity: 1)
4. Door Stop (Quantity: 2)
5. Tube Clamp (Quantity: 2)
6. Tube Holder (Quantity: 2)
7. Handle for Wooden Door (Quantity: 1)

*Tube Lengths
30" & 32" Doors: 70-7/8" (1800mm)
36" Doors: 74-13/16" (1900mm)
42" Doors: 86-5/8" (2200mm)
48" Doors: 98-7/16" (2500mm)


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Newly introduced by our design team at ETO! Our stainless steel sliding barn hardware is of the highest quality available in the market today. This system has already proven to be extremely popular in Europe, and will add a contemporary/modern look to any room. These sliding systems provide a space effective solution for openings and are often used as room dividers, office partitions, closets and other unique areas. These systems never fail to impress visitors and clients by virtue of their quality and originality.

Don't be misled by our competitive pricing (we are able to keep our pricing down by selling a large quantity of door products everyday!) These are some of the highest end sliding systems in the market today!

• Model: SSWD01
• Applications: Room Dividers, Office Partitions, Closet Doors etc.
• Material: Stainless Steel Components
• Maximum Wood Thickness: 1-3/4"
• Maximum Door Weight: 132lbs
• Recommended Door Size: 30", 32", 36", 42" & 48"
• Smooth quiet operation
• Maintenance-free
• Simple installation
• STC Rating- Sound Transmission Class (ASTM E 413): 28
• OITC Rating- Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class (ASTM E 1332): 26
• R-Value: Resistance to Heat Loss: 3.45

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