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Exterior Beveled Glass Door

Beveled glass is a great addition to any interior home. Designs are chipped into the glass to bring a sense of design and sophistication into any home. Beveled glass can be morphed into rectangular shapes to fit the door, or into oval or circular shapes for something a little different than usual. Overall, beveled glass is a great little addition to any door and can dress up any room or area. Mahogany is most often paired with such intricate beveled glass creations. The mahogany does an excellent job at bringing out the ornate carvings in the glass and ranges from darker reds to lighter browns. Most colors of mahogany fit in with any kind of room, expanding the options for buyers. If you’re looking for a new way to bring class and elegance into any room or area in the house, look into a mahogany door with a special touch of beveled glass.
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