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Exterior Grand 9 ft. & 10 ft. Doors

Grand entry doors are a great way to add some flair to the exterior of your house while still blending in with the theme and color of the building. Grand entry doors can come in a variety of woods, like mahogany, and can either be rounded at the top or squared all the way around. Either way, a grand entry door will be an eye-catching feature of the exterior of your home. Grand entry doors can be either plain, decorated with steel spheres for a more rustic look, or otherwise embellished. These large, breathtaking entryways can also be made with tempered glass, which is surrounded by the finished, sturdy wood. These kinds of doors are the perfect fit for anyone looking to add some flair and sophistication to the front of their house. Whether you’re going for rustic or elegant, grand entry doors will bend to your décor ideals.
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