Not all of us have the leeway we would need to install a door that really adds the kind of character to a home that truly makes it ours by design. But for those of us who do, being able to design our own custom doors is an excellent way to bring a personal touch right to the front of our homes. A beautiful door coupled with a well thought out front-of-house landscape is an inviting scene that can become the envy of the neighborhood.

If the designs of even the most delicately crafted doors seem cookie cutter to you, then designing a door for your entryway yourself is probably the way to go. You can do this by brainstorming, plotting out your final decisions, and then bringing anything you have to the custom design team at ETO Doors. For example, if you had a four-panel door in mind but wanted each one of the panels to be a different size or have frosted glass panes in them, this information would help your custom door design team create your dream entryway. Anything you can communicate to us to allow us to best understand what you’re looking for will work wonders for the process and help deliver your door just as you had envisioned it. So whether you were inspired by a door you saw in Barcelona or you have some ideas of your own after visiting the shining metropolises of the US, nothing is impossible. If you do have to worry about a homeowner’s association in your area, take your ideas to them first to see if they can work with you—oftentimes a simple, informative conversation is all it takes to get the colors, hardware, and/or wood type you really want for the front of your home… or at least a close compromise. But even in the event of an unyielding HOA, custom doors are still imminently doable—custom designers just need to know what all the rules and regulations are, your door measurements, and what you have in mind within the bounds of the HOA’s guidelines. Above all, your front door is the portal into your sanctuary, and should be respected as such. Make your entryway truly your own with a custom design that tells the story of you and your family.