If you’re thinking about picking out a new door for your home, then you might want to consider something a little more contemporary. Modern doors offer a lot in terms of design and style, but are these types of entrances really for you and your home?

Contemporary-style doors come in a variety of flavors. For example, you could pick out a nice, multi horizontal plank wood door to complement your home’s exterior. With laminated, fused, solid wood pieces, you can be sure your door will be protected against cracking, splitting, and warping. Plus, with such solid construction, the world outside will be peacefully unobtrusive.

Modern doors are great for any part of your home, whether it’s your entryway or a master bedroom. Not only are they impressive in terms of design—they add a great deal of character and curb appeal to your home.

Apart from multi-horizontal plank doors, you can also install a nice four horizontal lite door with steel accents and laminate glass for your office or master bedroom. With white, laminated glass and a smooth, wood finish, these interior doors are perfect for adding a touch of flair to the interior of your home.

If horizontal-style doors aren’t your cup of tea, perhaps a multi-lite door with obscure white laminate glass might be more up your alley. A beautiful, mahogany finish with a thick, three-millimeter laminate face will guarantee lasting appearance and forte from your door. Plus, you won’t ever have to worry about damage over the course of time: your ETO Doors will stay functional for decades to come.

ETO Doors has a variety of other contemporary styles to choose from, including single vertical lite doors with laminate glass, three rectangle lite doors with laminate glass, and much more. While contemporary doors aren’t for everyone and certainly don’t fit every home, if you feel your house could benefit from a bit of modern charm, look no further.