white french doors

While French doors are attractive, you may be wondering if they truly have a place in your home. These types of doors offer a number of advantages over others, but are tailored for certain purposes. Learn all about French doors and whether or not you need one in your house.

French doors are usually made of glass panes surrounded by a frame. This may draw comparisons to the look of a standard window. They are used as both entry patio doors as well as interior doors to separate differing spaces. French doors have become popular because they allow one to keep privacy between rooms while still allowing a sense of optical connection between them. Homeowners typically use exterior French doors to open up to decks or backyard patios while interior French doors are often used to separate entryways between dining rooms and living rooms. Blinds and curtains are also optional to allow more privacy.

Design-wise, French doors come in a variety of different options including window and glass types, color, size, and door material. There are two standard types of French doors: in-swing and out-swing. These doors are designed as a pair that swings from the center of the door opening. For glass, you can get doors with grills or no grills with simulated divided lites, which usually reach to the very top of the door. French doors come in various sizes. In terms of width, these doors start at 1’ 6” and are available in two-inch increments up to three feet wide. In terms of height, French doors typically come in six, seven, and eight-foot options.

When considering whether to invest in French doors, you must understand the planning that is involved. Because these doors open from the center, you must make sure nothing will stand in their way when they’re opened. You will also need to check the jamb depth of the opening in which you wish to place your doors. For older homes, you may need to install a new jamb, as older homes typically possess non-standard sized openings. If you own a newer home, you’re likely in the clear.

Undoubtedly, there are a few things to consider when thinking about installing French doors in your home. Whether or not they’re right for your home is ultimately up to you. But if they’re something you’ve always wanted, consider the old adage, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”