While woods of many species may be our favorites for front entryways, for those who live in extreme climes or experience severe weather regularly, such as subzero temperatures, snow that actually meets the doorway, or sweltering heat and moisture, exterior wood doors can create issues for homeowners. For this reason, it's best to either: a) ensure the wood entryway you're purchasing is warrantied, and has been described to you by a salesperson as a door that can stave off the effects of the elements, your best bet may not be wood at all.

The Best Exterior Doors for Cold and Hot Climates — and Moisture and Aridity

Consider other options, such as fiberglass, wrought iron, and Escon doors, which are crafted with wood, but in such a way that these elements don't get to them (they are made from piecing together wood rather than using one large, solid piece of wood that can swell, bow, crack, or shrink over time when exposed to various weather patterns.

ETO Doors offers an enormous selection of wrought iron, Escon, and fiberglass doors that make the best exterior doors for cold and heat. Whether you would prefer a single, French, or double door for your front entryway, we have thousands of models to choose from. While we do, of course, love our selection of mahogany, Alder, and other solid wood choices for front entryways, have a look around — you may find you’re much more satisfied with a different type of front door — and we absolutely offer the best exterior doors for cold and hot climates, as well as the best doors for fighting the effects of dry air as well as humidity.

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