Those of you not privy to the door world may constantly wonder what door jambs are for. Keeping you up at night, door jambs may dance in your heads, replacing the visions of sugar plums; door jambs may haunt your dreams. You may try to assure yourself that you do in fact know the purpose of door jambs - you may know that door jambs are part of a door, or door jambs have something to do with the frame. You may know that door jambs are where you are supposed to go during an earthquake or that door jambs are used for leaning against when having a discussion in the door way. You may know that door jambs have something to do with a lock or that door jambs help keep up the wall. Or, you may believe that the term "door jambs" is "door jam" and involves something with jelly.

For those who don't know anything and everything about door jambs, door jambs are pretty simply. According to the dictionary, door jambs are the name given for the vertical frame of the door. Door jambs can be made of metal or wood or several other materials (though many door jambs - like doors - are made of wood). Door jambs are highly important to the overall functioning of the door.

Though many of us spend time locking the door before we leave or go to bed at night, we probably don't give much though to the door jambs. But, the truth is that door jambs are as important to the security of the door as the door and the lock. Door jambs may even be a little more important.

Because door jambs keep the door in place, and keep the door locked when the lock is engaged, door jambs are vital to safety. Door jambs that are old or falling apart aren't strong enough to provide security. It is easy for the proverbial "bad guys" to get through doors that have weak door jambs. On the flip side, however, door jambs that are strong provide a solid peace of mind and a solid piece of wood, one that is not easy to break down.

Strong door jambs will help to keep people safe by keeping houses secure and making sure that locked doors stay the way you intended....locked.