African cherry wood is often overlooked, forgotten, or simply unknown to those considering which wood to use for doors. As an extraordinarily durable wood, African cherry can be used for any exterior or interior door. While it's important to seal it, African cherry wood needs little maintenance, and can withstand the elements, high-traffic areas, and much more year after year. Popular for its naturally gorgeous tone, if you prefer this wood for its durability rather than its color, it can be sanded and stained another color to match existing interior or exterior decor.

Resilient and Low Maintenance: African Cherry Wood Comes at a Fair Price for What It Offers

African cherry wood can be somewhat pricey, but with great reason. In the face of just about any climate or weather event, African cherry stands up. What’s more, this species of cherry wood is also water-resistant when sealed properly, and is naturally safety and fire-rated. An unforgettable color, an unmatched durability inside or out, and safety ratings that keep you and your loved ones or employees safe from natural and manmade disaster. African cherry wood is unique, smooth, remarkable, and tough enough to stay that way for decades.