For exceptionally versatile wood appropriate for interior and exterior use, review the assets bamboo offers. Many homeowners simply like the look of bamboo, while others choose it for the assets it offers. Water-resistance, easy and exceptional fire rating, and sound-limiting features make bamboo an attractive choice. For exterior entryways, bamboo may need a little maintenance after facing a few years of rough climates. Bamboo is a very close-grained, smooth wood, and worth any maintenance you'll pay for, returning you with years of secure and attractive curbside appeal.
The natural tone of bamboo is usually light, however it accepts staining and finishing beautifully, allowing you to have bamboo doors throughout your home or office in nearly any imaginable hue. For those who prefer exterior entryways or office doors with glass panes or panels, bamboo is a great wood choice. Framing glass with a strong hold and a luxuriant look, bamboo is a choice many overlook when shopping for interior and exterior doors.

Why the Cost of Bamboo is Higher — and Why That’s Okay

Many who know the benefits and appeal of bamboo understand why it can be pricier than other woods you might choose for an entryway. Because of its natural ability to stave off fire, water, and other elements, bamboo saves money. Bamboo holds conditioned air inside while simultaneously keeping hot summer days and chilly winter nights outside where they belong.