The word "mahogany" is itself synonymous with classically designed and elegant home furnishings, entryways, window frames, and just about any other items made out of wood. Considered by many to be the gold standard, this classic wood is rumored to be costly; but this is simply not an accurate depiction of its true price points. As a wood species ideal for exterior doors, many people forget that mahogany woods also make for beautiful interior doors as well. And, with their lowered cost, you can have uniform interior mahogany doors without busting the budget.

The Secret Weapon of Mahogany When Used for Exterior Doors

Mahogany is naturally energy efficient because it is not porous, has a tight grain, and doesn’t allow drafts in or conditioned air out. When coupling energy efficient mahogany doors with professional installation, including properly mounted weatherstripping, door sweeps, and long-lasting hinges, this is an exterior door that has the longevity to stay in place for 20 or more years with only minor maintenance needs.

A Classic Style for Any Home or Workspace from Rustic to Contemporary

Regardless of the interior or exterior decor of the home or workspace, mahogany adds unrivaled class. Law offices, rustically styled homes, and an uprising of urban apartments paying homage to decades past in their design choices have created a new and higher demand for mahogany. This has driven the cost of a gorgeous, durable wood down significantly, putting mahogany within reach for nearly anyone.