Pacific cherry is often a choice in prehung exterior doors, as they are sold in bulk for large buildings, hotels, corporate headquarters, and other big places with a need for many doors. Pacific cherry doors are an economic choice whether you're buying one or 1,000 of them. Because it is a heavy wood that is also naturally resistant to fire, it is an easier wood to get fire and safety rated from 30–120 minutes, depending on what you need the door(s) for.

Make It Your Own: Pacific Cherry Lends Itself to Accessories to Match Existing Exterior Decor

Pacific cherry is an excellent wood to embellish with specialty knobs, locks, speakeasy grates, kick plates, and other embellishments in wrought iron or stainless steel, depending on the decor you'd like your exterior cherry wood door to match.
Pacific cherry is well known among entrepreneurs within the hotel, casino, and other large construction structures to be a top choice from contractors that is usually agreed on by their clients because of its affordability and organic beauty. Because its natural color is such a striking show of what nature produces, all that’s needed is a high-quality layer of protective finish or lacquer that won’t conceal the gorgeous cherry color of this wood.