Pine is an excellent choice for interior doors for both homes and workspaces. Because it is an affordable wood, pine offers great economy for business owners, too. When buying dozens or hundreds of doors for hotels, offices, and large homes with many inside entryways, pine is an excellent selection. While pine may scratch or dent from boisterous indoor play or pets, it is also easy to refinish and repair.

Light, Easy to Personalize, and Sound-Limiting: Pine Doors for All Your Interior Needs

As a lightweight wood, pine makes for easy installation for DIY homeowners and contractors alike. Moreover, because it can be custom-ordered with your specific design ideas in mind, pine is an inexpensive way to create a unique and personalized look for your home or office. Additionally, pine stains and finishes beautifully, and unlike some other woods will most closely stain to the color you prefer. Finally, pine offers excellent sound-limiting when interior doors are closed. This natural feature makes pine the top choice for many homeowners, renters, and those who own and operate commercial structures.

Thinking of Using Pine for Exterior Doors? Here's Why We Recommend Other ETO Woods

Pine is a great wood for interiors — however, it’s quite sensitive to temperature and moisture. Pine has a tendency to shrink, warp, or expand when exposed to extreme cold, hot, and humid climates. A better choice for bedroom, office, and bathroom doors, pine brings a great range of customizability for any interior design look you desire. Keep reading about other wood species ETO Doors brings you for the best exterior doors.