Many people flock to teak wood for their exterior doors because of its availability in such a wide-ranging variety of colors. But teak offers a lot more than just a pretty face. Perfect for classic or traditionally styled homes architected in the midcentury modern or craftsman style, teak is your go-to wood for exterior doors. This is not to say teak wood cannot be used for interior doors, but it's not recommended. Most construction industry insiders would advise homeowners to use this ultra-dense, heavy wood for all the entryways of your home that lead to the outdoors.

Different Kinds of Exterior Teak Doors

You can use teak to create captivating and safe French doors, single doors, double doors, and even Dutch doors if this style fits the style of your home or meets a need you have in a door that opens only from the halfway point up. But teak also adds a gorgeous aesthetic to doors with many panels, whether they are wood or glass inlays that allow you to see out. You can choose from a variety of glass types that will allow in beautiful natural daylight while still delivering a private setting within your home.

The Incredible Assets of Teak Wood

Teak is uniquely qualified above many other exterior wood choices because of several naturally-occurring assets it offers. From water resistance to being able to handle all manner of temperatures without warping or cracking, teak promises to last for years to come. What's more, teak also is naturally immune to termites and wood rot, making it a wood choice for exterior doors that will truly last decade after decade — and with very little maintenance required. All it needs is regular polishing to keep its luster, but if you miss a month or more, resilient teak will still be there when you return to polish it.