White Oak

For those who enjoy a wood with a highly visible grain that adds character and individuality in each cut of lumber, white oak is an exceptional choice. Because of its popularity among architects, contractors, and other homebuilding industry insiders, white oak is often a go-to choice in many parts of the U.S. and across the world. White oak gains its popularity not just from its unique look and user-friendly workability, but also because it can be used for exterior and interior doors. Depending on how you stain and finish doors made from white oak, they will repel all the things that make many other woods warp, crack, expand, or shrink due to extreme weather.

The Wow Factor White Oak: Naturally Impervious to Water, Beautiful with a Simple Finish

Many woods have a hard time with water resistance even when finished with the finest varnishes available today. Conversely, white oak is naturally watertight, rainproof, and won’t crack or expand after years of facing snowy nights and subzero temperatures for years. Allow the true beauty of white oak to shine through with a simple, clear varnish or lacquer. White oak is resilient enough to stop water and fight wood rot while boasting an unconventional high-grain look that appeals to owners of homes and commercial buildings who know that “rugged beauty” isn’t an oxymoron.

Red Oak

When well finished, red oak is a dense wood that combats the elements as well or better than any wood you could choose for an exterior door; but don't forget red oak is a great choice for interior doors, too. As a thick wood, those who appreciate privacy in the bathrooms and bedrooms of their homes will love red oak as a highly affordable option with superior sound-resistance. Additionally, sound resistant exterior doors can create a safer atmosphere when you or your kids are home alone.

The Kind of TLC Red Oak Exterior Doors Need

Red oak does need to be well finished. For best results that stop worrying about exterior red oak doors use marine varnish. This particularly tough varnish not out water and moist air that can cause warping, and it also keeps out UVA and UVB rays so red oak stays beautiful for years to come. Marine varnish also stops effects of salt (which we use on walkways and driveways in winter) and wood rot-causing mildew. While red oak does have its own natural wood rot combatting abilities, marine varnish from some of the best names in the varnish and pain industry are a great investment, especially if you plan to finish a flush exterior door on your own.