When it comes to remodeling your house, your bathroom might not be an area you put a lot of thought into. After all, it is a bathroom: it's not exactly a room in which you'll be hosting dinner parties. Even so, a bathroom is one of those areas of your house that - when things start to break - can cost you quite a lot of money. Instead of waiting for pipes to burst or the floor to flood, try renovating your bathroom when the following signs start to persistently appear:

The sky is falling: Over time, you may notice that your bathroom has gotten rather flaky: the wall paper's peeling, specks are falling from the ceiling, your bathroom forgets to show up for appointments. Flakiness in a bathroom can be pretty common: the moisture from showers, baths, and simply running the faucet can take its toll, causing your bathroom to literally start coming apart from the outside in. When this happens, it might be time to repaint, re-wallpaper, and repair.

The toilet works…but only sometimes: There are few things in life quite as inconvenient as a toilet that's on the fritz. Flushing, it turns out, is instrumental to a happy bathroom. But, unfortunately, toilets break. They leak, they plug, their fill caps stop working. Whatever problems you may be facing, if your toilet doesn't work consistently (or tends to suddenly act up when you have company over), you might consider flushing it for a new one.

Rust, Rust, and more Rust: When it comes down to it, your bathroom is probably rust's favorite place in the entire house: thanks to its wetness, rust can flourish here. In newer bathrooms, or those recently remodeled, rust doesn't have much chance to form: it needs time to be successful. In older bathrooms, however, rust finds a home. If you've noticed that your bathroom sink has suddenly been asking to be addressed by the name "Rusty," consider renaming it and redoing it.

You don't like it: Some of you may spend a lot of time in your bathroom…ya know, "thinking." Because of this, your bathroom should be a room that you like: it might help things go much more -shall we say - smoothly. If your bathroom is outdated, unwelcoming, or simply not to your liking, consider renovating and making it a room you are proud to call your throne…..er, own.

Little Things Begin to go Wrong: Unfortunately for people with old bathrooms, little things can start to go wrong. What's even more unfortunate is that little things often turn into big things. A leaky faucet, corroded tile, a dripping shower head, all these kinds of things can ultimately cause huge problems. Instead of fixing these little things one by one, consider remodeling, fixing all the problems at once, and heading off the ones that are just about to become a nuisance.