Doors: every house has them, and every house needs them—but every home could benefit from an attractive entryway and other exterior doors. ETO’s folding door systems can create a sense of continuity between your indoor and outdoor living areas. These doors come in dozens of different configurations and styles, meaning the possibilities of re-imagining your home are infinite.

When the weather is gorgeous and you’re busy entertaining guests, being able to walk in and out of your home without barriers is an absolute dream. These doors are perfect for both residential and commercial use, especially for restaurants or bars. Folding and bi-folding doors are available in options, so you’ll easily be able to find one that fits your home or business.

Open your back patio up to your living room! Create an open feeling between your kitchen and dining area! Folding doors are a great way of expanding any room or space. Imagine a bright, sunshine-filled summer day lounging on your living room couch with your folding doors wide open, granting full, undivided access to your patio. Picture hosting a social gathering with all your friends and family, your living space opened up for maximum party potential. Your home will be perfect for any social events with a folding or bi-folding door system.

ETO’s folding and bi-folding doors are installed with fully sealed stainless steel bearings, which allow your doors to live long lives while performing at their maximum potential. These doors are also fitted with single flush handles to operate both top and bottom shoots.

Doors are the gates to your home, so why not make a dramatic statement with yours? Open up your home to the great outdoors and create a brand new atmosphere for your living space. Take in the fresh, outdoor air and make your house one with the world outside. Your home will never feel the same.