choosing a front door

When a person is choosing a brand new house or a brand new car, it’s fair to say they shop around. They look and flyers, they ask for advice, they study prices, they search the Internet, they make carefully thought out decisions. In other words, they take their time.

However, when it comes to purchasing front doors, the same dedication is usually not demonstrated. Front doors are simply more an impulse buy. Front doors might not be as flashy as a new BMW, or as roomy as that new Brownstone, but choosing the right one is still important.

To help in your decision, consider the following:

Durability: Above all, front doors must be durable. They have to be able to withstand the elements of weather, including rain, wind, hail, snow, and direct sunlight. Not only do they need to be able to keep these elements out - and keep more comfortable elements in - but front doors need to be strong enough not to wither under the pressure. A front door that is going to crack, leak, or break the second the wind chill goes below forty degrees is going to be more frustration and less protection.

Security: In addition to keeping elements out, front doors must also keep out intruders, those of the animal, insect and human kind. For this reason, installing front doors that are strong, sturdy, and not easily kicked in or kicked open is essential. Intruders are much less likely to attempt access on doors that look strong and sturdy: they won’t waste their time and effort trying to break in. Strong front doors are the first defense in keeping your loved ones safe.

Appeal: Front doors serve the logical purposes of being secure and strong, but those are not their only intent: they also should be visually appealing. Front doors are the first thing people see when they enter your home and you want a door that is welcoming. For some people, the best types of doors are made of hand carved doors, others prefer doors made of glass. Whatever it is you like the most, purchase front doors that are going to help make your house beautiful.

Uniformity…at least enough of it: Anyone who has ever lived in the suburbs knows one thing: home association organizations rule with an iron fist. Some suburbs are more stringent than others, but, chances are, your association has at least some rules. When purchasing new front doors, make sure they are uniform enough to keep your community of your back. A bright yellow door in an otherwise blue house might not go over too well. It’s fine to purchase front doors with personality, just make sure their personality isn’t going to get you fined.