When it comes to renovating, many of us may feel that our garage is hopeless; after all, if we redesign it, where will our cars live? However, with the days of small garages in the past, more and more of us are finding that we have a surplus of space: we have a three car garage, but only two cars. This ultimately opens the (garage) door to a plethora of possibilities.

Some of you may opt to take drastic measures, completely doing away with the idea of your garage as a carport and turning it into - in Full House style - a completely furnished part of your home. But, for those of you who don't have to make space for Joey Gladstone, consider some of the less drastic options.

A Recreation Room: A basement may be the most likely place for a recreation room, but if its being used for something else, a garage is just as usable. Installing a television, a few couches, and a video game console in your garage can quickly turn it into a suitable recreation room, one where teenage children or football fanatic husbands can hang out with friends. In garages that are attached to houses, the ability to renovate for heat, cable and even DSL becomes possible, making your recreation room convenient and comfortable.

A Music Studio: Expression through music is becoming a more and more common pastime: forget going out for the baseball team, just form a band. Musicians need a lot of space for their hobby: they need a place to practice, store instruments, and record music. A garage is an ideal place for this. Not only is it somewhat removed from the house - thus keeping the noise down - but it's got built in acoustics.

An Extra Bathroom: As stated previously, garages that are attached to the house are easily wired for renovations, this includes plumbing. If you are one of the many people who have found you just don't have enough bathroom to go around, consider adding one in your garage. This can make morning routines a lot more convenient.

A Professionally Designed Workbench: Garages are great places for working. From tinkering with electronics to painting on a canvas, from woodworking to building a carburetor, a garage can be used to get all sorts of projects done. A professionally designed workbench can help get tasks accomplished in a more organized manner. If you are a mechanic, for instance, try installing a workbench that is organized in a manner conducive to grease monkeys. You might be surprised by how much more you achieve when you can actually find your tools.

A Gym: You know you should work out, but dragging yourself to the gym every morning just isn't going to happen. You've thought about a home gym, but realistically you just don't have the space, unless you count the garage that is. Naturally cool, garages are a great place for working out. Simply putting in a treadmill, and a weight bench can turn your garage into a place for changing your lifestyle, instead of just changing your oil.