There are certain things to look for whenever you are relocating. The price, the size, and the age, for instance, can all be factors in helping you chose the house you want. These may be some of the largest factors, but that doesn’t mean they are the only ones. The following is a list of extraneous things that need to be considered, long before you sign on the dotted line.

The Resale Value: Let’s face it: chances are you aren’t going to stay in your house forever. You’ll upgrade, you’ll downgrade, you’ll turn the tables and move in with your grown children. No matter what makes you bid farewell to your house, you’ll likely hope to make a profit. Some houses are better than others at helping you do this. A house that is not easily remodeled, is in a lousy area, or stands on its last leg is probably not going to have a good resale value. On the flip side, a house that can be renovated and is located in an up-and-coming area (particularly one where public transportation is easily accessible) may make you a profit with a capital cha-ching.

The Neighborhood: A neighborhood can be a bit of a crap shoot: you could end up living next to people who will gladly lend you a cup of sugar or you could end up living next to folks who think all night parties are a way of life and front lawns are a place to park. Not only does your neighborhood partially dictate your resale value, but it also dictates your happiness. Living in a neighborhood full of friends is going to be a lot better than living in a neighborhood where you are afraid to leave your house.

The Nearby Schools: For anyone who has children, schools are important, if not for the educational value than to at least get rambunctious kids out of the house for several hours a day. The area where you live will dictate the district your children are placed in. If a certain district is known to be better than all the rest, you might want to put your roots in that district’s area. Your kids will thank you…eventually.

Location, location, location: It’s a big deal, that’s why we said it three times. Location, when it comes to a home, is perhaps the biggest factor. A gorgeous house in the middle of the hills, one where people nearly have to mountain climb just to get to, might not be as ideal a place as a not so gorgeous house in a less desolate area. Along these lines, a house in a crowded, loud city neighborhood might not be as ideal as one in a safe, secure suburb. Location is one of the only things that can’t be changed about your place to live. Thus, pick it well and make sure your house is truly somewhere you want to be.