Doors aren't just part of your home. They serve as your first greeting to visitors, preserve privacy in your household, and have a huge impact on how your home appears to others. No matter what the holiday, adding a festive look to your doors is an easy way to express yourself and add some beauty and fun to the lives of your family, friends, and neighbors.

Door Redo as Part of Regular Maintenance

Just like any other system in your house, your doors need regular, seasonal maintenance. This includes inspecting the doorframe, your door’s finish, lubricating hinges, and checking to make sure that the locks and doorknob are in good working order.
Since you are already giving your doors some attention, this is a good time to start planning to give your doors a festive look. In fact, if it’s time to swap out some hardware, you can do so while keeping holiday celebrations in mind.

Redoing your Doorknobs

One of the easiest ways of giving your door new life is to replace the doorknobs and plates. Here are some ideas for both inside and outside of your home:

Exterior Doors: Exterior doorknobs have a lot of work to do, so it's important to prioritize functionality. However, this doesn't mean you must choose a doorknob that is unattractive or that doesn't reflect your personal aesthetic. If you have an older door, and you are replacing the doorknob and plate, you can look for vintage or retro designs that will complement festive decor year-round.

Even if you aren’t replacing your doorknob, Rust-Oleum’s Universal All Surface Spray Paint comes in metallic colors that you can use to spruce up your existing knob and plate set. This can be a cost-effective way of adding some brilliant shine to your doors. Be sure to have a look at your holiday door décor when choosing a metallic finish. If your holiday wreath has a gold-trimmed bow, consider a gold metallic finish. If your favorite decoration incorporates silver bells, opt for a silvery finish instead.

Interior Doors: Since security isn’t such a high priority, swapping out doorknobs with the seasons can be a fun way to celebrate. If you are crafty sort, you can buy doorknobs and paint them yourself or as part of a family project. Many companies also sell decorated doorknobs for interior doors that are easy to install.

Doorknob Hangers

Another way to add a festive touch to your doors is to make use of doorknob hangers. Think hotel "Do not Disturb" signs on steroids. These are great deal of fun to make on your own, or there are plenty of places that sell them in a variety of themes and made from different materials.

Doors are major, long-term investment. Once you have the doors you like, you can easily transform the way they look with hardware and accessories that match current styles, or personal preferences and the seasons.