Holiday Door Wreath

Wreaths are an almost essential piece of every holiday season, but hanging them can become a problem—especially if you aren’t keen on damaging your door. There are a few ways you can go about spreading the holiday cheer without causing any aesthetic injury.

For example, you can utilize an over-the-door hook to hang your wreath on. It doesn’t leaving lasting damage and it looks good, too. You can also try installing a large, permanent hook painted the same color as your door. In this way, the hook is not jarring and appears to blend right in. If you don’t want to install a hook, a simple nail on the top of your door attaching ribbon or fishing line works wonders as well. Stick-on hooks also work well, as they can be easily removed once the holidays are over.

You can also purchase magnetic wreath hangers that will prevent your door or door window from acquiring any scratches and are easily removable. After placing one of the two magnets on each side of your door’s single pane window, you will have a tough hanger that can support up to ten pounds.

Another technique you may want to consider is using Velcro. First, place a strip of Velcro at the top of your door, preferably high enough so no one can see it. Then, sew or staple on the opposite piece of Velcro to a ribbon or any other suitable material. Loop the ribbon through your wreath and, lastly, place the Velcro together. Now you have a safe and simple way to hang your wreaths every year—and you don’t have to worry about door damage, either! One note of caution: Velcro is not your best option if you have a very heavy wreath.

Now, before you go crazy and begin hanging wreaths left and right, there are a few other tips you may want to keep in mind. First, stick-on hooks can easily fall off unexpectedly, so you may want to consider installing them on the inside of your door rather than the outside, then running the connecting ribbon over the door to the outside where your wreath will hang. Additionally, if you decide to hang our wreath on your door window, it may be unsightly when viewing it from inside. Consider hanging a wreath on the inside of the window using one of the door hanging techniques described above instead. Once you've got the hang of it, Take a picture of your decorated door and and enter ETO Doors' "Deck The Doors Photo Contest" for a chance to win a $500 Visa Gift Card!