Some of us are always up on the most recent technology: we keep in step with the Joneses so much that we have the latest and greatest gadgets practically before they are invented. Others of us aren’t as hip. This isn’t to say we are Amish, we just can’t seem to part with certain antiquities: an Atari, an Apple computer (complete with green font) and a TV that is anything but HD all remain in our hearts, and in our living room. It is the latter item that causes the most concern: those who don’t have a HDTV might not know what they are missing.

Now, some of you may disagree. Some of you may wonder why you should pay 5,000 or even a thousand dollars for a TV. Unless it’s a magical TV, you may insist your money is staying where you want it: in your pocket. I actually used to be one of these people, but then I saw the light, or rather, the hi-definition.

HDTV entered my life on a dark and cold October evening and my mind was forever changed. Less than a week later, my husband and I decided we would get a TV with HD ASAP. Our reasons were simple: it takes TV to a whole new level.

It allows you to see what color mouth guard your favorite quarterback is wearing: HDTV might not have been invented for the NFL, but it almost seems that way. Taking football viewing to its greatest lengths yet, once you’ve watched a game in HD, it’s hard to go back. With clarity, crispness, and a better sense of action, HD makes you almost feel like you are on the field, or at least in the stadium. It also allows you to host football parties with more confidence. Who cares if your brother-in-law has a big screen? You’ve got a TV with high-definition.

It allows you to save space for all of your other devices: Many HDTV’s are plasmas and flat screens. This means one thing: convenience. Not only do these kinds of TV’s take up very little space (hello, just hang it from the wall) but their flexibility makes them easier to hang from the most opportune spot. You no longer have to plan your bookcase and entertainment center around your giant television set: your new TV can sneak in just about anywhere. Yes men, on the wall across from the toilet.

A rainbow of colors: There was the black and white TV, then there was color TV, and now there is HDTV. While the bridge between color TV and HDTV might not seem as extreme as the former one, you might be surprised. Thanks to greater bandwidth, the color on an HDTV is up to five times more accurate. You no longer have to guess what color everything is: with HDTV you can see for yourself.

Reality TV even for TV that’s not reality: Whether you are unable to attend a sporting event, unable to sit in a studio audience, or unable – no matter how hard you try – to be part of the action on COPS, HDTV is your next best bet. With a much better picture quality than regular television, HDTV has reality as its middle name. The picture is less fuzzy, less blurred, and made to make you feel like you are right in the middle, even if that means being in the middle of an episode of Golden Girls.