With the holidays just around the corner, Christmas shopping sits center stage. Video games, DVDs, Ipod’s, a 2008 Hummer, all kinds of people ask for all sorts of things. Some people are easier than others: teenagers are typically satisfied with clothes, sports zealots are typically happy with paraphernalia representing “their team,” and kids are typically overjoyed by lots and lots of toys. Some people, however, are harder to shop for. The Do-It-Yourselfer in your life, for instance, probably won’t be overjoyed by a Tickle Me Elmo. Instead, try hitting the nail on the great gift head with the following ideas:

Gift certificates to hardware stores: If there is one thing the Do-it-Yourselfer can always use it is supplies. From nails to glue guns, from plywood to drill bits, some Do-it-Yourselfers have been known to buy out the inventory at local hardware stores. Instead of trying to figure out what supplies they need – and hoping you buy them the correct ones – simply give the gift of ambiguity: a gift certificate.

Home Improvement Books: There are all kinds of ways to learn the tricks of home improvement. Some people attend workshops, some people watch videos, and some people just make it all up as they go along. Home Improvement books, however, may be the most effective way. Not only are they an extensive source of reference, but they are also a lot easier to refer back to than a plumbing seminar from the late 1990’s.

Rechargeable, cordless power tools: There are tools, then there are power tools: gear that has turned very cool and very convenient. Power tools turn hard work easy and are even better when they are cordless, allowing the fixer upper to take them anywhere. A rechargeable, cordless power tool is the perfect gift for anyone who doesn’t yet have one. They’ll be amazed by what they’ve been missing, particularly when they are missing an electrical outlet.

A Good Flash light: Except for those stormy nights when city power goes out, it’s quite easy to overlook the importance of a flash light. Even Do-it-Yourselfers tend to overlook them. For this reason, flashlights make great gifts. A Do-it-Yourselfer can’t only benefit from a flashlight, but a good, heavy, and bright flashlight. These kinds of flashlights help people to perform home improvement projects in attics, under sinks, and in basements.

Ladders: Anyone who can live their whole life without ever needing a ladder probably never engages in home improvement, or is just exceptionally tall. Ladders, for Do-It-Yourselfers, aren’t only handy, they are necessary. If you know a renovator who doesn’t have a ladder, it’s a perfect gift to help give them – and their repairs – quite a lift.