To some of you, a bathroom may be a room of necessity, one you use when nature calls or when you – or your spouse - notice you haven't showered for a few days. But for others, a bathroom is more than just a room you periodically visit: it is your kingdom and a place you tend to spend a lot of time, particularly after eating Mexican food.

It is for the latter group that an improved bathroom may be particularly appealing. Some of you may know exactly how to go about this improvement (a telephone right by the toilet, really?), but others may be flush out of ideas. For those of you in this category, the following are five tips sure to make your bathroom showered with renovation.

Get New Cabinets: Installing new cabinets is a great way to make over your bathroom without having to deal with the intricacies of pipes and plumbing. New cabinets help restore your bathroom's appeal, making it look fresh, stylish, and bright. You can chose from a long line of designs, going for a modern look or an antique look. Whatever you choose, new cabinets can help shelve your bathroom's outdated appearance.

Replace Old Tile: Nothing makes a bathroom look worse than tile that is dirty, grimy, or coming up at the edges. Yet, this is bound to happen: tile isn't forever. Instead of just keeping your tile till death do you part, or covering up the bad spots with several bathroom rugs, get it replaced with something new. You just might be floored by the results.

Alter the Lighting: It's amazing the impact lighting can have on a room, particularly one the size of a bathroom. Changing the lighting in your bathroom can help accentuate certain areas, and deemphasize others. Most designers suggest that bathrooms have an overhead light capable of dimming, but adding lights to other areas such as in the shower or over the mirror can add a certain ambience. Who knows, those of you who spend a lot of time in the bathroom may even benefit from installing a reading light over the toilet.

Install New Countertops: Nothing lets your bathroom know you love it like installing new countertops. New countertops can take your bathroom from a plain looking room, to one filled with beauty. This is particularly true when the countertops are granite or marble. These countertops have to ability to accentuate a bathroom like nothing else can, making it rock solid in its appealing appearance.

Change the Colors: The color you choose to paint any room of your house has a huge impact: depending on what hue is chosen, your room may look smaller or bigger. For a bathroom, it's a good idea to paint with light colors, such as blue or off-white. This plays on the element of water and helps make your bathroom a soothing, comfortable place. If painting isn't enough, try adding a pattern or putting up light colored wallpaper. Doing something as simple as this may be all your bathroom needs to set a new tone.

There are a million things you can do to redecorate your bathroom. Whether you want to do something conservative, like install new faucets, or something outrageous, like putting up a dart board on the wall opposite the toilet, you have the power to be creative and make your bathroom a showerhead above the rest.