2017 is almost here, making it a time for new beginnings. If you are planning to revamp your living space this year here are some of the top trends to consider:

1. Cork

Cork paneling on walls is predicted to be a major home remodeling trend in 2017. Not does cork add texture and warmth to a room, it's also highly functional. It's easy enough to tack up art print posters and swap them out on a whim. In a home office, you can also post calendars, reminders, and even documents that need your attention. Finally, cork absorbs noise, improving the acoustics of your home.

2. Interior Doors

Over the past several years, many homes have boasted an open floor plan. While this type of design continues to have some appeal, there's been a renewed interest in creating separate spaces within homes. These allow for more privacy, a better sense of work-life balance for those who work from home, and helps to contain cooking smells within the kitchen area. If you are remodeling your home with these kinds of divisions in mind, consider that French doors are expected to be a major trend in 2017. Need to save some space? Try sliding doors instead.

3. Marble

Marble seems to be everywhere this year, so you'll have lots of options. You can start with the kitchen, where marble is replacing granite as the preferred countertop material. Move on to the bathroom and install a marble floating vanity for a fashionable, spa -like retreat. For those with more modest remodeling or redecorating goals, consider an accent piece such as a marble clock.

4. Mix and Match Kitchen Cabinets

Speaking of kitchens, there are some new cabinet trends that you’ll want to pay attention to. Dark wood seems to be on its way out, and some homeowners are opting for "tuxedo cabinets" that alternate white and black finishes. Another option is to choose less stark color combinations that still complement each other.

5. Brightly Colored Front Door

If your homeowners association allows it, consider painting your front door a bright, highly saturated color. Teal and dark green are said to be trending shades in 2017.
While it’s fun to be on-trend, you don’t want to be a household fashion victim, either. When checking out these ideas, see what real-life people are doing on Pinterest and in household blogs. From there, talk to your contractor and see what you can do to liven up your home and make 2017 your most beautiful year yet.