Whether you are building a new home or making some changes on one that you already own, choosing a door to match your home’s style is important. A well-chosen door not only makes your home a more beautiful, comfortable place to live, it also increases “curb-appeal” that can make your home easier to sell.

Initial Considerations

While aesthetics are important, particularly for your front entrance, there are other things to consider when choosing an exterior door. You’ll want to consider security and energy efficiency before you make your final decision.


New manufacturing techniques are effective at enhancing the good qualities of some materials while diminishing any shortcomings. For example, while steel doors have reputation for being secure, modern fiberglass doors are also incredibly solid while staying cool to the touch in hot weather and maintaining a consistent temperature inside the home.

Many people prefer wood doors for aesthetic reasons. If you are concerned about the possibility of warping and other damage, you may want to consider the option of a door that is made of an engineered wood or fiberglass core covered with a wood veneer. This helps to reduce maintenance costs and hassles while keeping your home secure and utility bills down.


Consider the style of your home when choosing a door design. When was your home built? What is its architectural style? How have you decorated the exterior? Answering these questions can help you select a door that suits, and enhances, the appearance of your home.

For example, if your home is of a modern, minimalist design, plain fiberglass doors in a complimentary, or perhaps even contrasting color look great. On the other hand, if your home as a more “artistic” look choose a fiberglass or wood door with a lot of glass and maybe some wrought iron scrollwork.

If you are in a historic home, check out architecture books showing homes from the time your property was built. Intricately carved wooden doors, paired with vintage hardware, can make your home the pride of the block.

Whatever the style of your home, a door can make it far more interesting to look at, even if the front of your place is rather plain. While you don’t want to select a very ornate door that would jar viewers, you could select one that combines a wood finish with glass. This provides visual interest without clashing with the rest of your home.

A door is an investment, so take some time to do some research, crunch some numbers, and ask some questions before making a final decision. Since your door is something that gets used every day, it makes sense to choose one that truly