Knowing how to fix a doorknob is an essential part of being a homeowner. You'll find this to be a relatively simple task that requires very little know-how or materials. You will simply need a screwdriver (Phillips or flat head will depend on the doorknob type) and a doorstop.

How to Fix a Doorknob in Three Simple Steps

To make your job easier, open the door and prop open with the doorstop so you can get to both sides of the doorknob. From here, you can check out the hardware on the door casing to ensure there are no issues with its hinges or strike plate alignment.

Assuming the hardware looks to be in good order, remove the screws from the side of the doorknob that faces the room interior (as opposed to the side that faces a hallway or larger area). Set these screws aside carefully and pull the rest of the doorknob assembly away from each side and off entirely (leave the latch assembly in the core of the door).

If you are unable to find any doorknob screws you probably have the type of knob that can be removed by way of a spring clip. Look for a very small metal latch behind the knob on one side. When you find it, hold it down with a flat head screwdriver and the doorknobs should begin to loosen.

Now you can remove the latch assembly by removing and setting aside the screws from the latch plate from the door's inside edge.

Checking the Latch for Proper Resistance

Now that you have the latch assembly and plate out of the door, you can manually test it to ensure it's in good running order. If you apply pressure to the latch itself and it does not bounce back or seem to have any spring behind it, try applying some spray-on lubricant found at any hardware store. Hold the latch down and spray the lubricant liberally, then recheck the latch for a spring. If the issue has not resolved, the latch assembly portion of the doorknob must be replaced. Most hardware stores can sell you just this part, and a store clerk can help you ensure you’re getting the right model for your doorknob type and brand.

Reattaching the Latch Assembly and Doorknobs

Now that the latch assembly is working properly, you can reassemble the doorknob. First, place the latch assembly in place (ensuring the striker is facing the right direction) and fasten the latch plate to the edge of the door.

Next, reattach the knobs by placing the side of the knob outside of the room in first, then the room-side, ensuring both sides are fitted into the latch assembly properly. You can check this by ensuring the latch detracts into the door when the knob is twisted. Once you're sure the latch assembly is tumbling correctly, use your screwdriver to attach both sides of the knob securely.

When you know how to fix a doorknob you will save money over the years of owning a home, and time awaiting repairs as a renter.