pre hung doors

It is weird to think of all the things you could do with doors that were not pre hung solid oak doors, doors that were little more than a giant plank of wood. If the doors were not pre hung, you could probably do some pretty creative things. This is because pre hung doors take away the chance for improvisation. For example, pre hung doors take away your ability to use a door for sledding down a snow hill. Pre hung doors take away the opportunity to use your door for surfing in the ocean. Pre hung doors rob you of the chance to use your door as a shield during combat or a paint ball fight. And, pre hung doors make you miss out on climbing atop a floating door in case you are ever on the Titanic. Pre hung doors don't let you tell Jack that you'll never let go.

But wait, that is not all pre hung doors take away. Pre hung doors also take away inconvenience. Pre hung doors take away frustration. Pre hung doors take away the trouble you might find trying to hang a door yourself. Pre hung wood doors take away potential injuries or, at the very least, pre hung doors take away splinters. Pre hung doors take away your desire to do away with anything wooden, a desire that may cause you to shoot an evil eye in the direction of every tree branch and fence post you see.

Instead of simply taking away, pre hung doors also know how to give back. Pre hung interior doors save you time. Pre hung doors give you convenience. Pre hung doors give you a finished product without you having to do anything. Pre hung doors do all the work of hanging doors for you. Pre hung doors have three magical words "no assembly required." Pre hung doors save you an endless amount of aggravation.

Pre hung doors also allow you to not worry about something like doors. You likely have so many other things to worry about; you don't need to worry about how to hang exterior doors. For this reason, pre hung doors are the answer. Pre hung doors allow you to focus on the important things in life; pre hung doors know that they aren't one of them.