Decorating in the rustic style is not always an easy task. Finding the right balance between many different elements with a great deal of character can be daunting. Some of the best ways to bring rustic charm to your home are simple touches while others are a little more complex. Additionally, some are more cost intensive will others will require just a minor investment on the part of the homeowner. Add character to your interior walls A quick and easy way to add rustic style to your home is with some easy and affordable wall updates. Hand plastered walls are the perfect rustic accent and are not too difficult to recreate. Start by adding texture to your wall with premade texture compound, which is available in most large hardware stores. A multitude of tools can be used to apply texture to your walls, but sponges, brushes, and trowels do the job just fine—it all depends on what you want the final look of the texture to be. To be on the safe side, before you start on the living room walls and other places where mistakes could be hard to repair, try your hand at adding texture on some leftover drywall or sheetrock if you have any available to you. Once you have your texture up and completely dry, you can complete the look with a coat of an earthy paint color and enjoy your new rustic look. Revaluate the doors in your home More than most people realize, doors add (or detract) from the character of a home. If it’s a rustic look you’re after, a door right out of an outlet store catalog is not likely to do the job. You’ll have to expressly look for rustic doors, which are made with rougher, more textured wood and often include metal accents. Clavos (decorative nails) are a wonderful accent to your entry doors that will set the stage for the look of your home, creating that first impression of rustic decor. Don't forget the interior doors of your home—these too will help to determine the overall style of your home, so consider interior doors that will carry your rustic theme throughout. Installing mahogany doors is an excellent and quick way to make this happen. Choose rustic furniture Rustic furniture comes in many styles, but the key here is to choose pieces that create a consistent rustic look to your space rather than a disparate one. Whether log bed frames or distressed handmade tables are more your style, there is no lack of rustic furniture—and even for those of you who aren’t able to find exactly what you want, many furniture makers will do the job at a price that may surprise you. A few staples for any rustically styled home are rocking chairs, wooden benches, and Adirondack chairs for the porch. An antique country kitchen table makes the dinning room comfortable and a butcher-block will add extra workspace and rustic charm to your kitchen too. Rustic home accessories The rustic home is all about comfort and a look of well-worn charm. Quilts add warmth and style to any room, but work especially well on the back of the sofa and at the foot of beds. A handmade quilt chest to store your quilts in over the summer is also a nice home accent. Handmade goods, including picture frames and shadowboxes made from repurposed wood are easy to find through your personal network or places online such as Etsy. You can create a wonderfully eclectic display of family photos and knick-knacks with wall hangings such as these. Use plants to add color, fresh air, and a touch of the outdoors to the inside of your home—all of this combined will tie your rustic theme together.