Garage doors are an important aspect of any home, so making sure your residence is fitted with the best is critical. Steel garage doors have a number of advantages over other types of garage doors, from their looks to their durability. Here are a few reasons why a homeowner might be interested in installing steel doors in their garage.

Firstly, steel garage doors are very durable and require very little maintenance. Unlike wood garage doors that begin showing signs of wear and tear after a few years, steel doors will continue to look great for years in the future. Plus, steel doors have longer warranties than their wooden counterparts. Additionally, steel garage doors can be insulated, meaning you won’t be spending unnecessary money on your energy bills due to air leaks during the very hot or very cold months. Have a heavy winter coming your way? No problem: your steel garage door will keep all cold weather out of the living space of your home.

Steel garage doors are also very versatile due to lightweight material construction. This means that your garage door opening system won’t be placed under quite as much duress as it would when using garage doors of other makes. Coupled with the durability of the steel doors themselves, you can bet you’ll be spending hardly any time repairing your garage door system.

These doors are also exceptionally attractive for your exterior, as they can easily be painted and repainted an infinite number of colors. They make a great pair with a modern home and never rust—not every garage door brand can say that. For the environmentally conscious, steel garage doors are good for the planet. Many, many years down the line when it’s finally time to replace your steel garage door, you can easily recycle it instead of tossing it in a landfill—recycling or repurposing are both very real options for steel doors, unlike some of their more cheaply made counterparts.

Steel garage doors can save you money on your energy bill, reduce stress from having to replace or repair your doors, and will even make your home more attractive to look at. What’s stopping you from helping your garage live up to its fullest potential?