In recent weeks, we have written about some of the shows of the DIY network, a network dedicated to the inner do-it-yourselfer in all of us. With programs featuring, in a nutshell, just about everything, the DIY network brings the expertise of contractors to a place we all can relate: our televisions. Not only do these shows transmit knowledge, but they also summons creativity, leaving viewers inspired to do something better, something different, and something self-satisfying to the place they call home. So sit back, relax, maybe even polish the tools in your tool box, it’s time to turn on the DIY network and turn yourself on to home improvement.

ManCaves: The show ManCaves has a title that speaks for itself: it is a show that allows men to, taking a step back in time, build a cave of their very own; maybe next they will reinvent fire or, if feeling particularly overzealous, the wheel. ManCaves is fun, creative, and sure to leave those without a man cave drooling with jealousy. Hosted by Jason Cameron and Tony “The Goose” Siragusa, the former NFL star, ManCaves provides viewers with highly original ways to create the greatest rooms for the male species. From a room dedicated to fantasy sports, to one filled with poker tables, from a space with a great TV to watch the game, to one with the ultimate wet bar, the benefits of building a man cave are twofold: they give a man a space of his own, and they keep him out of his woman’s hair.

Freeform Furniture: For anyone who has ever looked longingly at the contemporary furniture available in stores, Freeform Furniture is the show to pull up a chair to. A series that feature Amy Devers, an innovative furniture designer, Freeform Furniture teaches viewers how to design furniture, the freeform way. Instead of having a house filled with dull, unoriginal, and outdated bookcases and tables, Freeform Furniture provides a chance to, following Dever’s lead, design furniture of the future, your future. Not only does this show deal in wood, but it also features bits about metal, glass, and plastic. It is the perfect piece for anyone who wants to shelve their outdated look.

Grounds for Improvement: Ah, landscaping. No matter how much we try, we can’t escape it. The series Grounds for Improvement knows this and, instead of teaching us how to get away from landscaping, it tells us how to actually enjoy being up to our elbows in dirt. Each program of Ground for Improvement begins with a homeowner’s story, a story of problems in their front or backyards. Though these problems may initially appear insurmountable, host Jackie Taylor and landscape designer Dean Hill – with tips on laying sod, planting trees, repairing lawns, creating water gardens, building fences, and everything else (literally) under the sun - teach viewers exactly how to dig in.