The suburbia we have created often disallows us from really showing our true colors. Between issues with homeowner’s associations or just plainly disgruntled neighbors, it can be hard to just make a firm decision to be yourself and create a home exterior that truly illustrates who lives inside. Of course, if you are dealing with an HOA, you will have to abide by their rules, but there are always things that can be done to make your house a home. You can customize everything from sinks to interior wall color, from bookcases and shelves to sconces. And you can also design a custom door for the entryway of your home.

Custom doors, whether for the interior or exterior of your home are a great way to create a unique look that’s yours and yours alone. If you are dealing with an HOA and don’t have a lot of leeway with your exterior door design or color, interior doors will mean so much more to you—that’s why it’s so important to pick the doors that shape your interior to the personality of your family. By considering custom doors for your interior (and your exterior if permitted), you can participate in the process of making your house truly your home, distinct from any other person’s space.

Perhaps you have a vision of exactly how you want your entryway to look or maybe you know exactly how the door to the master bedroom should complement the walls. If you are looking for something to meet your vision, custom doors are likely the option that best suits you.

Here are some other things to consider when customizing your home:

Add something unique to your exterior: Just as custom doors can give your entryway and home interior an exclusive look, customizing the outside can do the same. Adding something as simple as a customized mailbox, a lighted pathway, or a flower garden can make your home a standout among the others on your street. That said, if you live in an area heavily governed by an HOA, try customizing your backyard and leaving your front yard uniform.

Add photographs: Like custom doors, pictures are a great way to make your home yours by design. Photographs are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to create a sense of home for those who live there and visitors alike. Choose photo locations thoughtfully, using large, bare spaces to really showcase your fondest memories.

Let your personality shine: The best thing about your home is that it is just that—your home. No matter what your personal tastes are, allow yourself to let them shine within your home. Custom doors, home furnishings, wall hangings, artwork, and carefully placed vases, figurines, bookshelves and more will tell the story of you and your family. Remember that this is your home, and that means you get to celebrate what makes it unique from the homes of others. Forget about judgments and trends and do what feels natural to you.