Do it Yourself home improvement has a tendency to bring out the handyman and handywomen in everyone, even those who aren’t particularly handy. For this reason, do it yourselfers are often forced to seek guidance: they read books, they attend seminars, they consult their local hardware store, they call their father in hopes that someone, somewhere, will tell them what the heck they are doing. While all these sources may prove helpful, some do it yourselfers choose to take a different route: they turn to the DIY network.

The DIY network features a variety of home improvement shows. But, going above and beyond regular home improvement shows, this network has programs laden with specifics. Not every show is perfect for everyone – if you’re trying to build a deck you might not need to watch a show about how to remodel your kitchen – but with the variety of programs offered, you’re sure to find one that helps you get a handle on your hammer.

Ed the Plumber: Yup, you guessed it. This show is about plumbing. For anyone who has ever spent a sleepless night listening to a leaky faucet or walked into a bathroom only to find a massive flood (and nearby animals lining up two by two), Ed the Plumber may just be the show for you. Hosted by Ed Del Grande, a professional plumber, this show provides specific instructions from beginning to end on how to fix the plumbing problems that may plague your house. And, if the show fails to solve your problem, you can send a question to Ed. He may either answer you in his column or feature your problem on a future program.

The New Yankee Workshop: For anyone who would like to engage in woodworking, but finds that wood leaves them, wait for it, petrified, The New Yankee Workshop is perfect. The host Norm Abram, a man with amazing carpentry and woodworking skills (he may actually be part woodpecker), provides detailed instructions on how to make everything from poker tables to colonial furniture. A man who will leave you both inspired and filled with creative ideas, Norm Abram can bring out the lumberman in just about anyone. He’s talented, he’s patient, and he “wood” love to help you create the furniture of your dreams.

10 Things you Must Know: If going to medical school is essential to becoming a doctor, watching 10 Things you Must Know is essential to becoming a do it yourself home improver: you can’t perform surgery on your house without knowing what you’re doing. No matter how experienced you are in home improvement two things are likely: you can’t predict mistakes and you will eventually want to improve something you’ve never improved before. 10 Things you Must Know gives you the foresight to avoid potential problems and teaches you the mistakes to avoid before you make them. The host, Amy Mathews, brings together experts to provide tips on what you have to know about the most basic projects.

The DIY network is a goldmine for anyone who sets out to fix even the simplest thing. Stay tuned next week when we feature more DIY network programs, programs that are a staple (gun) to successful home improvement endeavors.